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For Your Prayers


Dear Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, I hope with all my heart, that you can please, pray for me. Please pray for me and my relationship.

Financial security and health

Please LORD GOD, we all need healing of our many illnesses. I need a job so we can keep alive. I have always worked and am unemployed through no fault of mine. Please help us in JESUS' name. Thank you LORD. Amen

Prayer for Married Couples Needed

Dear Sisters, March 15-17 is the beginning of our spring Retrouvaille program. Once again we are asking for prayers from your community of Sisters for the married couples that will be attending Retrouvaille in hope of rediscovering their marriages. We also ask prayers for the presenting teams, John and Barb, Rod and Denise, Amy and Derrick and for our priest, Father Desmond. The couples will be attending the program on the weekends till May 4 and will need prayers for healing.