Week 17 (July 12-18)

By Susan Hay Sanner 
Associate; Alumna of Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, Missouri

As we struggle through the turmoil of this time, I feel the need to rely on the Holy Spirit. Having walked through the passion of Jesus near the start of this pandemic, it was not difficult to unite our deprivation and suffering with those of Him. However, with the courage of Pentecost into ordinary time, I felt drawn to the wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit.

I recall the words we prayed in school before our classes, "Come Holy Spirit …." We prayed for guidance and enlightenment in our studies. However, now our pleading has reached new intensity. Help us understand that this virus is but one aspect of our human condition. Open our hearts to the pleadings of the ill. Guide us in our understanding of new and changing restrictions. Most of all, fill our hearts with peace and contentment as we focus on love of our creator.

I look upon the Holy Spirit as the Enabler. Enabling us to do all things in the name of the Lord.